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$1000 Cryptocurrency Centric Phone by Sirin Labs

The rising cryptocurrency market is filled with cryptocurrency exchanges, payment methods and businesses that provide wallets for storage. There is little else being provided in the landscape right now in terms of implementation but that might just change very soon. An Israel based company, Sirin Labs has made the announcement that there will be a cryptocurrency powered phone soon to be unveiled to the world.
The new phone by Sirin Labs which will be released soon is named Finney after the Bitcoin evangelist Hal Finney. This powerful smartphone is slated to have unmatchable privacy features and will come with a price tag of $1000.
This is not the first phone launched by Sirin Las. They previously launched their phone called the Solaris. A privacy centric phone that came with a price tag of an enormous $14,000, the sales of the Solarin failed miserably. There was nothing there to impress critics of smartphones and the price tag did not really help their case either.
Sirin Labs took the less-than-subtle hint that they got from the Solarin sales flopping and have since been working towards the development of a phone that can cater to the mass population market while making sure they are keeping the cryptocurrency enthusiasts in mind.
The Finney will be manufactured by the Taiwan based hardware company Foxconn. A lot of people might already know about them since they are the primary hardware providers for smartphone companies like Apple, Blackberry, Xiaomi and Nokia. Working with them, Sirin Labs will easily be able to bring down the price tag to $1000 for the Finney.
A Phone for the Blockchain Era
This phone is being considered the phone for the blockchain era. While the hardware used in the Finney is pretty similar to the Solarin, this phone will be significantly different from its predecessor.
With a separate screen dedicated to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions, the “Safe Screen” will have dedicated software which will make sure that it will get the correct address in order before the transaction is completed. A slider on the phone will ensure the ability to use the phone as a cold storage wallet which can hold several kinds of cryptocurrency tokens.
A phone with 6GB RAM and powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor, the Finney will be a powerful machine. In terms of software, the Finney will be making use of an advanced version of the Android OS. With these features and many more on board with a reasonable price tag, it seems like Sirin Labs will finally be taking out a phone that is fit for the blockchain era. Scheduled to be released in the November of this year, it remains to be seen how it will actually be received by the masses.

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