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Conference in Stockholm Will See DLT for Different Uses be Discussed

September 11th of this year will see the Smile Expo take place in Stockholm which will conduct one of the world’s largest blockchain technology based conferences, the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm for the second time. The conference is going to see experts in the field from all over the world come together in the capital city of Sweden and talk about the use of Distributed Ledger Technology in varying range of sectors.
Here is What Attendees Should Expect
Within the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm, the attendees should expect to see 16 well known speakers about blockchain and cryptocurrencies come together from all over the world. There will be a feature of over twenty different blockchain based companies and startups in the demozone. There will be a sharing of all the innovative ideas and products by these participants for the cryptoverse.
The conference will see 2 panel discussions taking place which the attendees can visit. These panel discussions are going to see the panelists clarify the involvement of blockchain technology within the energy sector and the blockchain technology’s use in various sectors in this new blockchain era.
Main Points of Discourse
There will be a lot of discussion about general topics in the cryptocurrency world right now and the experts are going to elaborate on a few topics surrounding Distributed Ledger Technology with a particular attention to the use cases.
The main points of discussion will be the analysis of Distributed Ledger Technology and its implementation within different industries, the real use cases of cryptocurrencies and their regulation across the globe, the potential that Distributed Ledger Technology has for entrepreneurs and a discussion about how to prepare for and launch an Initial Coin Offering.
What Makes The Conference Different?
You see the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm this time will be different because it will not only be focusing on the most popular uses of Distributed Ledger Technology but also all the implications the innovations of it can have on the world. The specialists coming together will exchange their points of views on the blockchain technology uses in the energy sector and its potential impact on global warming and climate change.
There will also be a discourse on blockchain technology’s “encroachment” in the real estate sector, the opportunities it presents for the transport industry, the impact it will have on logistics industries and healthcare.
Other than that there will be a discussion on integration of blockchain technology within the industry of journalism. Smile Expo has been hosting a series of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences all over the world.

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