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Cryptocurrency Unicorn Hunters – The Venture Capital Firms Behind Billion Dollar Cryptoverse Startups

Privately held startup companies which have valuations of a billion dollars or more in the current timeframe – also known as cryptocurrency unicorns – have now started to be infiltrated by a growing number of cryptocurrency centric organizations which are gradually rising in their value. The cryptocurrency unicorns are very well making a name for themselves but at the same time, the Venture Capital firms backing them are poised to gain quite a bit from this disruptive new economy.
With the likes of Coinbase and Robinhood among them, there are over 25 different fintech unicorns all over the world which are seeing a lot of market growth and mass adoption with many of them going well over the billion dollar mark in their valuations. In fact, CBT Insights, a finance intelligence platform, has published some data which shows the Venture Capital firms that are behind all the success that these cryptocurrency unicorns are seeing and where these firms are investing their money.
Venture Capital and Cryptocurrency Platforms
The data clearly shows that some Venture Capital firms are taking a lot of interest in cryptocurrency platforms throughout the world. With the valuation of Robinhood over $1.2 billion and Coinbase being valued at almost $1.6 billion, these are the first couple of cryptocurrency startup companies that have reached the fabled unicorn status among cryptocurrency centric startups. This was the kind of growth that the more forward thinking Venture Capital firms had predicted.
VC has a lot to Gain
Venture Capital firms are easily able to invest their significant funds into blockchain startups which they feel have a lot of promise. They use the more traditional equity deals or cash agreement in exchange for future tokens. Either of these models allow the Venture Capital firms to cash out with the tokens once the ball gets rolling.
Venture Capital firms are thus allowed a lot of flexibility and freedom with their investments when it comes to the cryptocurrency market. The VCs moving in on the cryptocurrency world is not surprising since the cryptoverse shows a lot of promise when it comes to how lucrative they potentially are.
As we move forward, there are more and more cryptocurrency unicorns coming to light and this means we will see a lot more promising blockchain technology based startups garner interest from Venture Capital firms. A significant presence of VCs in the blockchain era is not just a possibility, it is inevitable.

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