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PwC Director Quits to Join Cryptocurrency Exchange as CEO in Australia

One of the directors at a ‘big four’ accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in Australia has quit his job so that he can join a cryptocurrency exchange as the CEO.
Ben Ingram, a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Australia, left his job at one of the world’s largest accounting firms back in March. Over there he was responsible for overseeing the digital strategy, consulting and accounting. He has recently joined the cryptocurrency exchange bitcoin.com.au as the latest Chief Executive Officer according to reports from Business Insider Australia. This recent joining of Ingram as the CEO of Bitcoin.com.au makes him a part of a very long list of high ranking professionals who have made a switch from their traditional industries where they were doing exceptionally well for the more interesting prospects in the cryptocurrency world.
PricewaterhouseCoopers has been in the news within the context of the blockchain revolution several times in the past regarding projects using the distributed ledger technology. In fact, this company has been in full support of several ventures using blockchain technology with one of their initiatives going as far as creating a blockchain technology based auditing service.
Cryptocurrency Based Products to Pension Plans
According to the reports, Ben Ingram is going to be taking on the responsibility for working on the overall capability of the platform’s operational procedures. That and the fact that he will be overseeing the development of cryptocurrency based financial products aimed at pension plans for companies (also known as superannuation).
The newly made CEO of Bitcoi.com.au says that the cryptocurrency exchange which he is a part of makes it very simple for people to get introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies. The customers and clients at the cryptocurrency exchange can acquire cryptocurrencies very easily at the exchange as well as get rid of them. That is because the platform he is the chief executive at now is offering the prospect of same day settlements to the customers.
As of today, the cryptocurrency exchange deals with just two of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world right now, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are plans well under way to add more cryptocurrencies to the portfolio of the exchange.
The Reason for Focus on Superannuation
The reason why Ben Ingram is so focused on superannuation is that he believes millennials owning cryptocurrency assets will more likely be turning towards managing their own funds. That leaves the superannuation market open for them to deal with while the millennials will be more focused on self-management due to blockchain technology’s ability to allow fast and simple auditing.

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