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Real Estate Investment Platform StraightUp Announces Merger with Blockchain Powered Platform, Slice

A previously unprecedented possibility has opened up for international investors within the US Real Estate market with the merger happening between a major real estate investment platform and a blockchain powered platform.
StraightUp is a progressive platform which is centered around the real estate investment market having brought many innovations to it. They recently announced the merger with Slice, which is the first ever blockchain technology based real estate investment trust. This merger is going to change the way the real estate market functions within the US since the addition of the blockchain technology powered Slice to StraightUp’s real estate investment platform is going to open up a lot more opportunities for foreign investors to enter the prime real estate market in the United States.
Democratizing Investment Opportunities
The innovative firm StraightUp was designed with the premise of introducing a sense of democracy to the high potential investment market in New York City, which was for all intents and purposes unattainable before the platform’s existence. The merger with Slice will reinvigorate the platform and give more access to international investors looking to gain access to some of the prime property across a lot of the more desirable cities in the U.S. like San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles. The aspect of security also comes into play because of the blockchain technology involved in the processing for the platform.
This added layer of trust, transparency and security is something that has been missing from the real estate market within the country and the innovative new platforms merging together to create a unified real estate investment platform might just bring an end to that.
The goal at StraightUp has been to increase the access to the real estate market and democratize it so that even those who are not well connected to the super rich elite class in the country have a fair chance of purchasing prime real estate in the U.S.
Merging with Slice has allowed them to combine their efforts and cater to an international market. The leveraging of blockchain technology by Slice and the tokenization of securities in order to advance the world of real estate investment has been the vision for Slice. Their goal has been to become the largest issuer of real estate backed security tokens.
The real estate market in the United States right now is valued at a mind boggling $15 trillion right now. The onset of this innovative blockchain technology based revolution is bound to disrupt the whole landscape and how it works.

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