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Three Top Executives Added to Board of Digital Asset

One of the leading providers of distributed ledger technology solutions, Digital Asset, has appointed three new executives of prominence to the board of the company.

The company which is run by the former managing director at JPMorgan, Blythe Masters, made the announcement on the 18th of July that the company is now going to add three top executives to the board of directors at Digital Asset. These new figures within the board of directors are prominent figures indeed. Tony James, the executive vice chairman at Blackstone, The executive director of the Deutsche Boerse, Stephan Leithner and the former engineering executive at the likes of Amazon, Uber and Google, AG Gangadhar.

The CEO of Digital Asset, Masters, said that getting these three on board with Digital Asset is testament to the drive that the company has to provide distributed ledger technology based solutions to the marketplaces which can benefit from it. There is a need to scale the technologies we have right now in order to meet the increasing demand and Digital Asset will oblige.

All three of these esteemed gentlemen have decades of experience between them and they have been proven to drive the equity, technology and financial industry scaling. With their help, Digital Asset is aiming to derive the kind of strategy which will help them accelerate their pursuit of unmatchable innovation in the digital world across several industries.

The board of directors at Digital Asset includes heavy hitters like the CEO himself, Blythe Masters and the founders Don Wilson and Sunil Hirani. There is the deputy board of director of the Australian Securities Exchange, Peter Holm, The CAO of JPMorgan’s Corporate and Investment Bank, Sanoke Viswanathan and the COO of Global Market Americas at BNP Paribas, George Nunn.

The family office of Tony James, Jefferson River Capital, was the one that led the second round of funding for the company Digital Asset that managed to raise funding going north of Forty million dollars. The investors who took part in the Series B funding were from the likes of BNP Paribas, CITI Bank, JPMorgan, IBM, Goldman Sachs and ASX.

Being a former managing director at the financial giant JPMorgan, the CEO of Digital Asset, Blythe Masters has also worked at the Spanish banking group called Santandar. She has also worked on the massive blockchain technology centric project called Hyperledger. The February of 2015 saw her join the company Digital Asset as CEO.

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