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Video Application That Will Reward Users With Cryptocurrencies

There is a new token-based application that will incentivize users. It is planning to accelerate mainstream awareness and adoption throughout the cryptocurrency world.
Powering Crypto Economy Participation
A new social media app centered on video content has been released recently. Cheez has teamed up with Contentos, a blockchain project, in a bid to enable users to earn Ethereum and Bitcoin. All they have to do to earn cryptocurrency tokens is create, view, and share the content within the application.
Live.me is the mastermind behind Cheez—video-sharing app. The mobile developer has created the app which is known for the 17 second, user generated video content. There are plenty of live filters on the application—music, voice changers, and stickers.
While a lot of applications contain similar features, none of them provide the incentive that Cheez does. It allows the users to earn Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens by just doing what they already will be doing while using the application. Consumers can complete 15 different tasks daily. These tasks are anything from sharing videos to viewing and liking videos. The tasks also include uploading content to the application. For doing all of this, they will be given one of the two cryptocurrency tokens. That cryptocurrency will be the one they prefer.
The best part? There is also the “Wheel of Fortune” game. It is a daily game, based on chance, which will allow users to win additional cryptocurrency every day.
The new features on the application will not need users to go to an exchange or even bother to set up digital wallets. This means more and more users can adopt the blockchain technology integration without any problems.
The CEO and founder of Live.me, Yuki He, has said that partnering with Contentos will help the platform reward its users. They are already contributing to the Cheez community and it is only fair to give them an incentive for it. This will also introduce a lot of people to the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
Beyond Ethereum and Bitcoin
The platform is not limiting the incentive in the form of Ethereum and Bitcoin. The users on Cheez will also have an option to choose COS tokens for their contribution to the community. The COS token is the native cryptocurrency token of the Contentos blockchain project. People can obtain these tokens for all the activities they perform as users of the platform.
They can also win these tokens while playing the “Wheel of Fortune” game on Cheez.
The platform is obviously going to encourage users to opt for the COS tokens. They will do that by allowing the COS token to be used to unlock additional features in the app. For instance, they can use the COS tokens to unlock the option of posting longer videos. They can even use them to gain more exposure to attract viewers. The aspect of direct messaging on the app can also be utilized through the token. This will create a revenue generation stream for the creators of the platform. The details on that part have not yet been released but it is something that is being worked on.
The founder and creator of Contentos, Mick Tsai, said that they are thrilled to partner with the Cheez. It allows them to introduce the cryptocurrency economy to an already thriving community of users. It is going to create a new ecosystem where creators and fans are all going to be rewarded for their role in garnering a growing community.
The goal that Contentos has is to help the creators of the platform and the fans to grow the connections on a global scale. Blockchain technology has a lot of potential, and it can be used to build stronger worldwide connections.
Contentos is partnering with Cheez to make things better for the average person. It will be an opportunity for the creators and fans to enjoy the real-world incentives of the disruptive new technology.

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