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Blockchain Based Digital Asset Marketplace – AXEL Revolution


Almost a decade on from the unveiling of Bitcoin to the public, the blockchain technology that powered Bitcoin has been recognized as a separate entity. The underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies is being looked at for the massive application potential it has, which extends above and beyond that of a payment system and currency. Epitomizing that ideal is the blockchain technology based marketplace for digital assets called AXEL.
The peer to peer network is aiming to resolve the problems that exist in the current content landscape by combining distributed ledger technology and smart contracts to shift the balance back into the hands of the creators of the content.
How Things Currently Work
The current framework for digital assets is dominated by the middlemen. They get to decide who gets paid what. They have all the keys to all the doors and they are guarding them with rigor. The people who are hard at work investing their time and ingenuity into creating the content are kept at an arm’s length on the side of the curb. These middlemen own all the gateways to the billions of dollars that the content creators deserve.
These centralized marketplaces are at the same time highly vulnerable to cyber attacks through identity theft and hacking. The current framework consists of innumerable inefficiencies and AXEL proposes a robust blockchain based solution to look after of all these problems. Blockchain based solutions in the content landscape will make it easier for the buyer and seller of content to transact with each other without the middlemen and at the same time provide a lot more protection to the whole landscape while that happens.
AXEL Blockchain Based Solution
The AXEL marketplace is bent on creating a space where the creators of the content, completely own the rights of what they produce. They do not have to rely on third parties to facilitate the transactions between them and the buyers of the content. This platform is going to cover literally all the aspects of the digital content creation ecosystem. Everything from the online privacy to the file transfer and even payment processing will be facilitated by AXEL.
Considering the fact that monetizing content has surged as a major economic factor in the recent years, AXEL’s blockchain powered marketplace is going to facilitate a better regulation of the industry. They will do so by allowing better transparency, accountability and remove the involvement of middlemen and centralized control by large corporations in the content creation industry. With the platform already booming on the iOS and Google Play Store, AXEL is slated to become a major player in the digital conte