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London School of Economics to Start Teaching Cryptocurrency Course


With the cryptoverse closing in on a decade of existence, there is an increasing adoption of the digitized economic system that’s alternative to the traditional fiat currency system. While it has seen a lot of backlash from major financial and regulatory institutions, the fact of the matter is that it will not stop becoming more commonplace as we move forward. There is a lot of information floating around on the internet about the new currency system through online forums but there has been barely any formal aspect of education about it – until now, that is.
A leading university in the field of research in England, the London School of Economics has decided to make headway into the world of cryptocurrencies. They enjoy a high repute when it comes to their research world done in politics and of course, economics. According to reports, the London School of Economics is going to start offering an online course called “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption”.
Cryptocurrency 101
The online course will span over a period of six weeks with the first class starting sometime in the middle of August. The course is going to provide the students with pragmatic knowledge about the cryptocurrency world. The London School of Economics is going to make good on its reputation to be able to provide theoretical thought leadership.
During the course of the classes, students will learn essential skills pertaining to topics like cryptocurrency exchanges, the use of cryptocurrency wallets and how to analyze Initial Coin Offerings. That being said, this course will not at all be teaching students how to invest into the world of cryptocurrencies.
Leading Institutions Partaking in Cryptocurrency Academics
While this online course being introduced by the London School of Economics is the first time they are taking an interest in educating the masses on some aspect of the cryptocurrency world, there has been initiative taken by other leading academic institutions as well. Universities like Stanford, MIT, Duke, Cornell and even Oxford have taken steps to roll out some kind of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology based courses of their own.
Teaching the Future
While there may be debate about this course of action by the many leading educational institutes about whether they are just cashing in on the cryptocurrency craze or not, it suffices to say that they are taking a good course of action. The market is increasing in size right now and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
There will only be more courses that will emerge in the future pertaining to similar topics that will help educated the masses about the cryptoverse on a more formal level.

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Basel’s Blockchain Leadership Summit


The November of this year will see one of the biggest events for the blockchain industry take place in Switzerland. The Swiss capital, Basel, is going to be the host of the Blockchain Leadership Summit of 2018 from the 23rd to the 24th of November.

The Blockchain Leadership Summit of 2018 is slated to have some of the top most experts, block chain visionaries, and proactive investors of the industry come together in Basel, and discuss the financial regulation of block chain integration, the global effect of the disruptive new technology, and the resulting real life cases of what can only be considered akin to the industrial revolution. There is a lot of discourse that needs to take place about lemmings on the market, the domination that centralized liquidity has and the DEX development. Blockchain technology is going to be an integral part of where we go as a species and this discussion will highlight all the pros and cons of investing in the new technology.

The number of people attending the Blockchain Leadership Summit is going to be north of 2000 people while there will be well over 60 experts and speakers from the blockchain industry that will come in to discuss all the important blockchain centric matters.

It only makes sense that this event is going to take place in the capital city of Switzerland, which is often considered as one of the most crucial locations for life science in the continent. The venue for this historic event will be the Congress Centre Basel. It is a fitting place to host such an event considering the fact that it is the biggest research center in the country.

A Step Up From The First Installment

This is the second Blockchain Leadership Summit with the first having been hosted by Zurich on the 9th of March. It is a bigger event this time around with the previous one having brought together over 50 speakers, 50 blockchain industry companies and 500 speakers together. It laid the groundwork for Basel to host the Blockchain Leadership Summit, 2018.

This event is going to be the final blockchain industry event of the year and it will cover all the developments in the cryptocurrency world and the blockchain technology landscape.

A Lot To Learn

The Blockchain Leadership Summit will offer the perfect professional environment for all those looking to tokenize their assets, those who want to start getting involved in the blockchain world and are interested in the technology’s impact moving forwar