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China Hires Cryptographer – Hackers are in High Demand


Traders in China, Russia and the United States are among the most common victims of cyber criminals. The cryptocurrency exchanges in these countries are increasingly becoming targeted by hackers. There are studies which indicate that services provided by hackers are much higher than what is on offer. It’s a similar situation for cryptographers. China’s authorities have decided to hire the services of a cryptography specialist. It will use the expert’s services for one of its censorship agencies. This need arises from the actions of Chinese citizens, who are already using blockchain transactions to go around the censorship.
Cyber security experts in Russia have found that from 2016 to 2017, the amount of data being compromised has increased. The people associated with cryptocurrency exchanges are seeing more and more of their data being compromised. The statistics are roughly showing 5 times the amount from previous years.
It has only gotten worse, with the numbers in the beginning of 2018 showing a 700 percent increase. It is believed that most of these security breaches are the result of client carelessness.
Demand for Hackers Increasing
The demand for hackers that can provide ethical services is significantly more than the supply. Positive Technologies is a company which has gauged this niche market. They’ve conducted analyses of websites offering these specialized services. The amount of orders for malicious programs given to hackers is thrice the amount actually being produced.
There are over 10,000 ads, either offering or seeking these specialized services that have been published on several websites on the darknet. Among the demands being made, about a third of the requests have been for hacking e-mail accounts. Less than a tenth of the requests are for hacking social media accounts. Of all the requests made, a third of them have been responded to by hackers.
Last year saw the cryptocurrency market surge spectacularly. This was the time which saw development of malware, which mined cryptocurrencies in secrecy. 20 percent of all the malicious software being created by hackers belongs to that domain. Ransomware attacks have been just over a tenth of the total number of cyber attacks. Most of the cyber attacks have been through crypto jacking, the term given to secretly mining cryptocurrencies.
Censorship Agency in China Hires Cryptographer
The global demand for hackers has increased significantly over the past few years. China on the other hand, is looking for the services of cryptographers. They want to hire a specialist in cryptography to improve their censorship agency. Specifically, it was the Chinese Public Broadcasting Research Institute that published this job opening. It works under the State Administration of Radio and Television. The agency has said that the cryptographer should be adept in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
Blockchain Being Used to Circumvent Censorship
There hasn’t been a lot said about blockchain-related responsibilities for the potential hiring at the agency. The use of blockchain technology to go around censorship and the posting of the job around the same time cannot be a coincidence. According to news reports, Chinese citizens have been using the Ethereum network to share information about a vaccine. The vaccine being distributed by Changchun Changsheng Biotech Company does not meet the state standards.
Chinese internet users have been posting more and more information about the vaccine online. These reports are being deleted from the internet by Chinese authorities but awareness has been created. More and more people are finding out about the vaccine.
A number of Chinese citizens have started to use Ethereum’s public blockchain to share and protect the information. From the looks of it, the hiring of the cryptographer might be used to target said information. The government is incapable of doing it right now and they want to remedy that situation.