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Stasis Manages to get First Institutional Client Onboard for Their EURS Stablecoin


The CEO of a major player in the cryptocurrency world, Stasis, has recently announced that the cryptocurrency ecosystem has managed to get their first institutional client onboard with their EURS stablecoin. This is a huge move for the world of cryptocurrencies as the announcement was made by the CEO Gregory Klumov through his Twitter account.
While speaking to CCN, the CEO of Stasis said that their client is an operative in the field of money management. This makes the licensed money manager the first institutional investor to enter the Stasis ecosystem. The entry of institutional investors into the world of cryptocurrencies has been a long time coming and the EURS token is something which makes it the perfect entry point for them in the marketplace.
The Recent Slump in Cryptocurrencies
2017 was a pretty volatile year even by the standards of the highly volatile cryptocurrency landscape. It saw a lot of the major cryptocurrencies rise by hundreds of percent in their values in the second half of the year and then suddenly see their valuation drop by half towards the end of it. The start of this year has seen a still gradual decline in their prices and they have finally started to look like they are bottoming out.
There has been a lot of discussion about how the lack of institutional investors in the crypto sphere has led to all of the prices dropping so drastically but with this new development, the possibility of the cryptocurrency world moving forward are now better. The cryptocurrency world is growing gradually.
The launch of the EURS stablecoin on the Stasis ecosystem earlier in the month was done in an event where the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat was also present. Considering the fact that the small island nation is well on its way to make itself the ‘blockchain island’ passed cryptocurrency and blockchain bills into law, this was a significant presence at the event.
The EURS token has the aim to address the increasing demand from a lot of European institutional investors who have been taking a lot of interest in cryptocurrencies. Their lack of participation before this point was their lack of trust in the liquidity of cryptocurrencies which the EURS stablecoin addresses. How? It is directly paired exactly against the Euro itself.
EURS also launched on the London based cryptocurrency exchange DSX on the 4th of July while other large cryptocurrency exchanges are expected to follow soon.