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Dispute Management to be Brought to Blockchain by JUR


The last two decades have seen technology advance significantly. From being something that was a fascinating thing that only the elite had access to, technology has become an omnipresent part of our lives as it has become more and more affordable. Reliable internet connections, social media and smartphones have transformed the way in which we interact with each other and the world around us.
At the same time, there is an effect that decentralized economy is making on the world. It is changing the expectations we have when it comes to technology. Just as the internet really picked up the pace surprisingly in the 90s to grow to becoming something of a phenomenon, the advent of decentralized economy is seeing the same. It is producing new platforms, disrupting the way in which things have been happening and effectively reorienting the relationship we have with technology.
Dispute Resolution in Blockchain Era by JUR
JUR is a dispute resolution platform which has taken form in the era of blockchain technology. It implements the disruptive new technology behind the decentralized economy and game theory in order to create a sense of trust between corresponding parties which operate in this new digital landscape. The prospect of utilizing digital tokens allows JUR to offer users a verified payment structure along with dispute management through decentralized means.
Up until now, the digital age has been missing the key aspect of conclusive and fair conflict resolution. JUR is going to provide that crucial component to the blockchain era by implementing the services it provides in a secure yet simple manner. A conflict free digital economic system will then be able to properly flourish.
Decentralized Management of Disputes
The current manner of adjudication happens to be inconvenient most of the time and unreliable in many cases as well. The prospect of decentralized dispute management will resolve disputes within the space of 24 hours and that too without the exorbitant costs that come along with traditional methods of dispute management.
If there is a dispute, a user will open it and arbiters will utilize the JUR tokens to vote for the winning party based on the facts and figures of the dispute. The smart contracts on the blockchain will be used to transfer the funds to the winning party’s account based on the consensus that the arbiters will reach.
With billions of cryptocurrency transactions taking place every month, JUR presents a unique way to eliminate counterparty risks while using cryptocurrencies. The need for accountability and dispute management has been a long time coming for the new decentralized economic system brought upon by the advent of the blockchain era. With the likes of JUR at work, the new economic system will become more trustworthy and usable for people throughout the world for a truly fair global economic system.

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Conference in Stockholm Will See DLT for Different Uses be Discussed


September 11th of this year will see the Smile Expo take place in Stockholm which will conduct one of the world’s largest blockchain technology based conferences, the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm for the second time. The conference is going to see experts in the field from all over the world come together in the capital city of Sweden and talk about the use of Distributed Ledger Technology in varying range of sectors.
Here is What Attendees Should Expect
Within the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm, the attendees should expect to see 16 well known speakers about blockchain and cryptocurrencies come together from all over the world. There will be a feature of over twenty different blockchain based companies and startups in the demozone. There will be a sharing of all the innovative ideas and products by these participants for the cryptoverse.
The conference will see 2 panel discussions taking place which the attendees can visit. These panel discussions are going to see the panelists clarify the involvement of blockchain technology within the energy sector and the blockchain technology’s use in various sectors in this new blockchain era.
Main Points of Discourse
There will be a lot of discussion about general topics in the cryptocurrency world right now and the experts are going to elaborate on a few topics surrounding Distributed Ledger Technology with a particular attention to the use cases.
The main points of discussion will be the analysis of Distributed Ledger Technology and its implementation within different industries, the real use cases of cryptocurrencies and their regulation across the globe, the potential that Distributed Ledger Technology has for entrepreneurs and a discussion about how to prepare for and launch an Initial Coin Offering.
What Makes The Conference Different?
You see the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm this time will be different because it will not only be focusing on the most popular uses of Distributed Ledger Technology but also all the implications the innovations of it can have on the world. The specialists coming together will exchange their points of views on the blockchain technology uses in the energy sector and its potential impact on global warming and climate change.
There will also be a discourse on blockchain technology’s “encroachment” in the real estate sector, the opportunities it presents for the transport industry, the impact it will have on logistics industries and healthcare.
Other than that there will be a discussion on integration of blockchain technology within the industry of journalism. Smile Expo has been hosting a series of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences all over the world.

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American Express to Use Blockchain Technology to Help Prove Payments


American Express has always been on the lookout for better ways in which it can prove that payments have occurred. With the latest filing for a patent by giant in financial services, it seems like American Express might be considering the possibility of a solution through the power of blockchain technology.
The US Patent and Trademark Office released a patent application just this past week in which the American Express Travel Related Services talks about utilizing a blockchain based system for the confirmation of payments. This will be including a merchant identifier and the transaction amount.
The concept of using blockchain technology based systems by American Express is based on adding to the very limited number of options for creating good quality evidence of transactions taking place between customers and merchants that go above and beyond the simple payment receipts.
The patent filed by the American Express clearly defines the role of distributed ledger technology in contract data, proof of payment data and transaction data among more important information. The idea is that having a possibly public blockchain network will add another layer of security and proof of transactions which are facilitated by the financial services giant’s network.
Considering all of these factors, the possible applications for a blockchain technology based system for the company are vast. American Express believes that the data can be utilized in order to unlock hotels, shared economy property doors using their card or even a rental so that they can check out the proof for the transactions having taken place on the network of American Express.
The implementation of this technology by the financial services giant can possibly even facilitate the likes of ticketless entry into venues like concerts and movie events (or more). It’s just another possibility to consider.
While there is no decision yet as to whether this new system will be hosted by a public or a private blockchain network, the potential applications of distributed ledger technology and current use cases highlight how the use of cumulative computing power can add a significant layer of security to the network.
Among other patents being filed by American Express, this is the latest in the series. The October of 2017 saw American Express Travel Related Services file for a completely different patent which is centered around a system for customer rewards.
Since then, the American Express company has come a long way with initial trials through a Membership Rewards program using Hyperledger’s distributed ledger technology for cardholders. It remains to be seen how the latest patent plays out for American Express.

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IBM to Partner with Riyadh for Blockchain Solution Implementation


Global tech giant IBM seems to be on a roll in recent times as it sees itself coming to agreement with a Saudi company Elm to accelerate the blockchain technology based solutions being implemented in the Riyadh municipality.
The United States based tech company IBM has recently agreed on a partnership with the Saudi company to help them leverage the power of blockchain technology and implement distributed ledger systems for payment services and some governmental aspects in Riyadh. Elm has been undertaking technology based solutions for the municipality of Riyadh for a while now and has been working with IBM and the local authorities. Both of these two enterprise level companies are aiming to broaden the applications of digital technology in the Saudi capital. The work is slated to improve the quality of the municipal services of Riyadh.
The Vision 2030 Plan
As a part of the Arab Kingdom’s Vision 2030 Plan, the two companies are going to work together and identify all the services which can benefit from the power of blockchain technology. Once the possibilities are recognized, IBM will take on the role of developing the blockchain technology based solutions at the municipal level. Elm will take things from there to implement the blockchain solutions at a government level.
The Vision 2030 Plan is the initiative being taken by the top most echelons of the Saudi Kingdom so that they can take the country from being a solely oil-dependent economy to being a hub of commerce and technology in the region.
The Vision 2030 Plan launched in 2016 and the Kingdom has since taken a lot of steps to work towards their end goal. One of the recent most steps which came just before the announcement of the partnership between Elm and IBM is the partnership between the central Saudi bank and the blockchain platform Ripple for cross-border payments.
Another example of a significant partnership undertaken by the Saudi government was one with ConsenSys, a US based blockchain startup company in May.
The CEO of the company Elm, Abdulrahman Al Jadhai spoke about the agreement with IBM saying that the partnership with the US based tech giant will significantly improve their approach towards tackling the upgrades to Riyadh’s municipal services.
Third Major Project in Recent Times
This is the third major government partnership blockchain based project that IBM has undertaken in recent times. After the first project where IBM was awarded the AUD Billion dollar contract by the Australian government for their plans to be a leading technology based government by 2025, IBM also embarked on a partnership with the state of Delaware in the US. Thus, their recent partnership with Elm in Riyadh marks their third maj

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Tech Giant IBM Wins Billion AUD Dollar Project


The global technology giant, IBM has recently won the contract for developing blockchain based initiatives among other applicable digital technology initiatives for the Australian government.

The announcement was made on Thursday, the 5th of July. This 5 year project where the Australian government is investing AUD $1 billion is part of the country’s bid to become one of the world’s top three digital governments. Even for a company that is the size of an international conglomerate, IBM is taking on one of the largest projects they have had to date. This project will involve IBM working hard to properly research blockchain technology’s uses for the country as well as an acute focus on both artificial intelligence and quantum computing technology.

IBM has been working with the Australian government for over 40 years now and for them, winning this historic contract is a testament to the relationship that the two of them have shared for these four decades. Through this project, the Australian government is placing their trust in IBM to provide them with world leading technological advancements that will help place the Australian government in a leading position for the world by 2025.

The managing director for IBM Australia and New Zealand, David La Rose, is looking to take this opportunity revamp the digital experience for the whole country.

In light of the projects that the company is already working on for federal agencies, this is the fifth one that IBM is taking on. The previous projects have been led by the Digital Transformation Agency of Australia and are slated to be complete by the June of 2023.

Because of its early acceptance of the blockchain technology based future, IBM has fast become one of the leading players in the blockchain landscape and has been dabbling with a lot of projects. IBM has recently worked on a major trade platform that hosted trade between the likes of HSBC and Deutsche Bank among two other major European financial institutions. The platform they developed which made these live trades possible is also based on blockchain technology.

IBM has been participating in public development through blockchain technology and one of the best examples would be their partnership with Veridium Labs. This tech startup has been operating on the Stellar network and is looking to utilize its tokens in order to help fund the cultivation of a rainforest in Indonesia over an area of two hundred and fifty square miles.

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Bringing Governance to Blockchain – Spain


Blockchain technology has come a long way since the start of its existence as a means of facilitating Bitcoin. It took a while but people have finally started to understand that blockchain technology is a completely separate thing from an alternative currency system. It has capabilities that extend far and beyond over a vast range of real world applications. From making supply chain management a lot more efficient, to running a government, blockchain technology has many possible uses.

The supply chain management aspect of blockchain technology is more of an immediate reality that we are seeing. The best use case scenario for that is through the work being done by the global tech giant, IBM making it possible to utilize a blockchain technology based platform for supply chain management.

As absurd as it may sound, blockchain technology is actually slated to be used within the governance structure. It is technically quite possible. Although it has not actually been applied in real life yet, there is a proposal that might make it a reality in Spain’s government.

Blockchain For Spain

The ruling party in Spain, Partido Popular, has recently submitted a proposal to the Spanish Congress of Deputies. Within the four party political system that Spain has, there is a reason why Partido Popular is so popular. They are taking a more proactive approach towards new technology. Their proposal is aiming to encourage the integration of blockchain technology within the governance infrastructure for Spain. They feel that the introduction of this technology will add better cybersecurity measures, ease of use, efficiency and more safety to Spain’s public administration.

Strong Push by Partido Popular

Over 130 deputies from the ruling political party in Spain came together to submit this proposal on the 3rd of July with the aim of drastically improving the current structure. Introducing blockchain technology, according to them and to logical understanding, will make internal processes more efficient and robust. Blockchain technology will also add crucial aspects of traceability and transparency in the decision making process.

The Partido Popular has said that the government in the country has to introduce certain concessions in the administrations so that there is a better sense of control, transparency, and traceability for the industrial and governance in Spain.

The proposal has not stated any specifics in terms of the timeframe of the blockchain technology integration into governance. It has just made the suggestion that the government of the country should be more willing to train state employees and developers to make the implementation of this technology as smooth and efficient as possible.

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Basel’s Blockchain Leadership Summit


The November of this year will see one of the biggest events for the blockchain industry take place in Switzerland. The Swiss capital, Basel, is going to be the host of the Blockchain Leadership Summit of 2018 from the 23rd to the 24th of November.

The Blockchain Leadership Summit of 2018 is slated to have some of the top most experts, block chain visionaries, and proactive investors of the industry come together in Basel, and discuss the financial regulation of block chain integration, the global effect of the disruptive new technology, and the resulting real life cases of what can only be considered akin to the industrial revolution. There is a lot of discourse that needs to take place about lemmings on the market, the domination that centralized liquidity has and the DEX development. Blockchain technology is going to be an integral part of where we go as a species and this discussion will highlight all the pros and cons of investing in the new technology.

The number of people attending the Blockchain Leadership Summit is going to be north of 2000 people while there will be well over 60 experts and speakers from the blockchain industry that will come in to discuss all the important blockchain centric matters.

It only makes sense that this event is going to take place in the capital city of Switzerland, which is often considered as one of the most crucial locations for life science in the continent. The venue for this historic event will be the Congress Centre Basel. It is a fitting place to host such an event considering the fact that it is the biggest research center in the country.

A Step Up From The First Installment

This is the second Blockchain Leadership Summit with the first having been hosted by Zurich on the 9th of March. It is a bigger event this time around with the previous one having brought together over 50 speakers, 50 blockchain industry companies and 500 speakers together. It laid the groundwork for Basel to host the Blockchain Leadership Summit, 2018.

This event is going to be the final blockchain industry event of the year and it will cover all the developments in the cryptocurrency world and the blockchain technology landscape.

A Lot To Learn

The Blockchain Leadership Summit will offer the perfect professional environment for all those looking to tokenize their assets, those who want to start getting involved in the blockchain world and are interested in the technology’s impact moving forwar